Poly Aggre Road (PAR) – Paving from Plastic


Gina Gallant – Gina was only 13 years old when she had the idea to create a road out of plastic and garbage. She lived in a town called Cache Creek but since it was right next to a huge landfill, it was often referred to Trash Creek. She started investing and found a few companies that could give her the supplies she needed. After about a hundred tests, Gina finally found the winning formula. PolyAggreRoad consisted of 6% plastic, 6% asphalt and 88% crushed rock. Gina hopes that this new product will be used to help the environment all around the world.

Price/Deals:$8.00 per kg, September30-October 19 $5.00 per 3 kg! $1055.97 for installation

Facts: Did you know that for every 3 meters of PAR that is paved, 10 kg of garbage is reduced in landfills. Also, currently 12 countries around the world have at least one Polly Aggre Road. The first time Gina introduced her idea to engineers in her town, they didn’t believe it was her idea and said that she was too young to make a difference.

We have been certified by theĀ  North American Road Partnership Committee!

Contact us at 137-890-772 or email us at parginagallant@gmail.com

Reviews/Comments: George Buckerman: 5 stars, Your product was amazing. It fit perfectly with our city, Dreston, Oklahoma.

Charlie Kurk: 3 stars, PAR is reducing garbage in our landfills slightly, but I’m not sure if it was worth the price, Clockerstown, Saskatchewan.

Punjabi Sorita: 4 stars, Hello and thank for creating Polly Aggre Road. Here in India, garbage is maximum so this product helped us very much. The only problem is the smell, Mumbai, India.